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british shorthair kitten


“The British shorthaired cat
is also known as a 'plush
teddy bear' for its short and
thick fur, cobby body
and its behaviour.”


british shorthair female


“The British shorthaired
cat has a rich history. They
originate from the cats
imported to England from
the Roman Empire. ”


british shorthair male

british shorthair kittens



The British shorthaired cat is very peaceful, calm, tender, gentle, quiet, affectionate, attached and a little lazy. They could remind you a little of Garfield!

She likes to play, but she also likes to decide by herself when and for how long. She is capable of learning tricks just like a dog (play fetch). Sometimes you may hear this cat purr but seldom hear her mieow. In spite of her large body, the British cat has quite a weak voice. And they use it only when it’s really needed or appropriate (when she’s hungry or calls for a play).

Sometimes, this cat can seem independent or reserved but other times she may also surprise you by acting like a little playful kitten - although not for long. The British shorthaired cat is also known as a “plush teddy bear” for its short and thick fur, cobby body and its behaviour. She is strong, healthy, hardy and also very brave. They will surely give you a lot of love.

Sometimes, they are lively but not destructive or making mess. They easily adjust to a household of any size. They will not climb up shelves, clumsily knocking over everything around them. They are very careful and considerate. The British are very easy going, close to any people they consider family members. With strangers, they can be a little more careful. They get along well with other cats and children. In case someone bothers them, they will rather get away and hide than use their claws and teeth.

Being very attached, the British shorthaired cats will quietly follow you from room to room to finally settle by your side. They will wellcome you at the door when you’re coming back home, even if you have been gone for only few minutes. The British are not too skilled in climbing trees, they prefer to keep all their four stumpy legs safely on the ground.

This cat never asks to go out of your appartment. A railed balcony for an occasional breath of fresh air will suffice. They are so peaceful you’ll be able to keep them closed in your home - they are actually the most peaceful of all the shorthaired breeds. They are a complete opposite to an active, demanding and loud cat like a Siamese.

The British behave like playful kittens that like to sleep by your side in bed up until they are 1 year of age. After that, they slow down their activities and grow more independent. By the time they are 4-6 years of age, these cats are already real composed plush toys sitting on the sofa. The feline Brits are very healthy and live long. Luckily, you can expect them to live for at least 12-20 years. Don’t forget that every cat has its personality and every single one is a story of its own.

It’s not rare that even siblings from the same litter differ in their character. However, they all differ in slight nuances within the described features. It’s very important for a kitten to spend its first three months of life with its mom and siblings, as well as people, to get used to them.



The British shorthaired cat has a rich history. They originate from the cats imported to England from the Roman Empire. This breed has had a tough existence alongside man rather than with man, which has resulted in a line of strong, independent and hardy cats. In the 19th C., the poet and artist Harrison Weir admired these cats and their natural toughness and intelligence that much that he started the selective growing of the specimen that were most impresive and had outstanding caracteristics. He actually developed them into a breed.

The British shorthaired cat is a very sturdy cat, compact in its build. It has a massive round head and deeply placed chest, cobby body with fur that is a recognizable feature of this breed - it is rich, thick, plush-like, standing up, never sticking to the body, “crispy”.

As already mentioned, its head is round, big with wide jaw, the neck is short and built of muscles. This cat’s nose is short and wide, its end shouldn’t be too pointed out. The big and round head (looking both from the front and the profile) is a characteristic more typical of male than female - they are also much bigger in build of the whole body.

The male is of bigger weight, from 7-8 up to 10 kg. Females are of a bit more gracile build and weigh from 4 to 6 kg. One of their features is a wide range of beautiful fur colours – they range from the traditional solid colours (blue, chocolate, lilac, cream etc.) to tabby, tortie (tortoiseshell), bicoloured, tricoloured and some new shades as cinnamon, colour point (siamese features - the face, paws and the tip of the tail are in colour, the rest is white). Of all those colours, so far, the most common is the solid blue and silver tabby (the Whiskas cat).

What’s interesting about this cat is that it keeps growing until the age of 2 while others, for example, the common domestic cat, ends up its physical development by the age of 1 year. Taking care of these cats fur is very simple - it will suffice to give it a good brush once a week. Nevertheless, as this cat likes to be cuddled, don’t hesitate to treat your pet with more frequent brushing and it will reward you with loud purring.

In Croatia there are not many British shorthaired cats. This feline breed is an ideal member of any family - she is very quiet, not demanding in feeding or fur maintenance. Therefore, if you like the idea of having your own alive “plush teddy bear” in your home this is the right cat for you.


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